Discover Your Jewelry Style Personality!


Are you a bold trendsetter or a lover of classics? Answer these questions to find out which piece from our collection suits you best!  

1. Choose your favorite weekend activity: 
A. Attending art galleries and museums.
B. Dancing the night away at a trendy club.
C. Relaxing on a quiet beach with a book.
D. Hosting a dinner party for friends and family.

2. What's your go-to outfit for a casual day? 
A. Black turtleneck and tailored pants.
B. A bright, patterned dress with heels.
C. Jeans and a cozy sweater.
D. A chic blouse and midi skirt.

3. Pick a dream vacation destination: 
A. The romantic streets of Paris.
B. The vibrant city of Tokyo.
C. A peaceful cabin in the mountains.
D. A historic tour of Rome.

4. Choose a color palette that speaks to you: 
A. Monochrome and neutrals.
B. Bold and vibrant hues.
C. Earthy and pastel tones.
D. Classic reds and golds.

5. What's your favorite gemstone? 
A. Diamond - clear, classic, and versatile.
B. Sapphire - colorful, durable, and striking.
C. Aquamarine - serene, subtle, and calming.
D. Ruby - passionate, vibrant, and timeless.

6. When it comes to jewelry, you prefer: 
A. Minimalistic pieces that make a quiet statement.
B. Eye-catching designs that show off my personality.
C. Timeless jewelry that I can wear every day.
D. Elegant pieces that add a touch of sophistication.


    If you chose mostly As: The Minimalist Maven - You appreciate simplicity and sophistication. Your perfect match is our Koom Siab Bracelet, Swirl Heart Necklace, Eve Necklace and/or our Swirl Heart Studs!

    If you chose mostly Bs: The Bold Trendsetter - You're not afraid to stand out and make a statement. You'll love our Rainbow CZ Necklace or a custom pair of earrings! 

    If you chose mostly Cs: The Casual Gem - Comfortable and down-to-earth, you need versatile jewelry. Go for our Free-Spirit Necklace, a Personalize Name Necklace, and/or our Swirl Heart Studs

    If you chose mostly Ds: The Timeless Romantic - You're drawn to pieces that exude classic elegance and charm. Your ideal piece is our Linda Necklace, Linda Drops Earrings, and/or our Elephant Print Studs.   


    Discover Your Jewelry Style Personality!
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