About Us

Our Mission & Vision 

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower individuals through the beauty and uniqueness of our artistic jewelry and accessories, helping them feel confident and express their individuality.

Vision Statement: Our vision is to build a community where individuals feel empowered, educated, and embraced. We strive to achieve this by promoting creativity, originality, and innovation in everything we do, from our products to our customer service. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and positivity, we aim to inspire and uplift our community, helping each individual to reach their full potential..



Welcome to EMKAY TOUCH. My name is Mai Ker, also known as Emkay, and I am honored to introduce myself as the founder, owner, maker, and designer of this unique jewelry brand. As a Hmong-American woman, born and raised in California, my passion for art and creativity has always been an essential part of my life.

In September 2020, during the Covid pandemic, I discovered the magic of polymer clay, which allowed me to bring my own designs and visions to life. As a result, I started designing and creating earrings and shared them on social media, which garnered a lot of interest from my friends and family. This led me to build and launch EMKAY TOUCH in December 2021, right out of my hometown, Merced, California.

As an artist, one of my long-term goals is to expand my reach and share my culture with the world. I take pride in creating Hmong-inspired pieces that represent a part of my heritage. My purpose in life is to create and share my talents with others, and nothing makes me happier than when my customers tell me that my jewelry makes them feel beautiful and confident.

At EMKAY TOUCH, our mission is to create and share unique and artistic jewelry and accessories that empower and help people feel beautiful about themselves. Our vision is to empower, educate, and embrace, and our goal is to produce originality, creativity, and innovation. We are grateful for the support of our friends, family, partners, and customers who have helped us get here today.

Thank you for choosing EMKAY TOUCH, and we look forward to helping you celebrate yourself and embrace your unique style and beauty.

With love,